Proposed for 2022
Currently being done with Wood

Last Rites

Pet Cremations: Losing a pet is one of the most devastating moments a Pet Owner faces, the joy of having that little sounding board and the love and affection showered on to you day in and day out is something words can hardly express, We at Pune Pet Park empathize with owners and their grief.  A 12500 cubic feet area has been kept aside for this. 
Presently we carry out cremations by burning the deceased pet on a wooden pyre until our incinerator arrives.
In the near future, we have plans for a gas incinerator, A prayer Room and a memory Room. 
Transportation for the body can be provided at an additional cost of Rs 2000/- from any part of Wagholi, PMC or PCMC Limits. For transport beyond these areas please check with us on 7263900195

{No charges for Cremation for Pets who are Members}

Pricing (Non-Members only)
Dogs and Cats: Rs 2500/-
Hamsters, Rabbits and Guinea Pigs: Rs 1000/-
Birds: Rs 500/-
(An additional charge of Rs 500 would apply if ashes are required to carry out a ritual)

Animal Activists/Animal Shelters contact us by phone followed by a request online for cremation services. Animal Activists or Animal Shelters need to make their own arrangements for transport no transport will be provided for Activists or Animal Shelters.

Hostel forDogs Cats and Birds
This is a Private Park. Entry is restricted to Members only.  Memberships are granted to Pets who are eligible for membership based on the eligibility conditions specified to maintain harmony at the park.  Please call us before you would like to visit the facility. Boarding, Swimming, and Cremation facilities available for Non-members with prior booking and registration.