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Vaccinations: Ensure your dog has been vaccinated/treated for all the important vaccine treatments mentioned in the form. Please submit scan copies of the same.


Ticks, Cuts, and Skin Infection: Dogs having ticks, cuts, or Skin Infections will not be allowed to enter the pool, a penalty of Rs 600/- may be imposed and the dog may be removed from the pool area.

Your Canine needs to be Microchipped if he is not the cost will be included in the first session after we recieve your consent form.

Cleanliness and Hygiene


Hygiene: Please ensure your dog enters the pool after a clean shower.  Dogs arriving to use the pool need to have a prior dip in the washroom area before entering the pool. Pet Owners are responsible for cleaning up dog poop and pouring water over the urinated areas.  Please take it upon yourself to clean up and do not wait for the pool staff to request you to do so.

Off-Leash Area

Warning Off-Leash Area: The swimming pool area is declared an Off-Leash area, Pet owners are responsible for their own pets, Any pet showing aggression will need to be removed from the pool area immediately. As a Pet Parent you will need to Indemnify and hold harmless Pune Pet Park and its Employees from and against all claims, damages losses, and expenses, arising in any way out of or resulting from any untoward unavoidable incident during the swimming slot of your Pet at Pune Pet Park.


Mobile Phones:  Please switch off your mobile phones and keep them away while in the pool area, if you do have to take an important call you are requested to make sure your pet is supervised and walk away from the Pool Area.

Harmony: Please do not argue with the pool staff for following the rules, you may be asked to leave the premises for misconduct or bad behavior.  The pool staff is meant for the safety of the pets and pet parents using the pool.

Aggressive Dogs

Aggressive Dogs: If your dog is aggressive. He will be restricted to a certain area and will need to be removed from the Park for his safety and the safety of other dogs too. 


Restricted Dogs: If your dog is on heat during her visit to the pool her entry to the pool will be restricted.


Timings:  The pool will remain open g days a week from 8.00 am to 5.00 pm.  With one day off for maintenance on Thursday, However, patrons will be required to book a slot prior to arriving at the Park.


Booking Slot: Please plan your slots in advance we work on a planned schedule hence to make the best use of the facilities please help us by booking in advance and sticking to the slots.  If a member arrives late for the slot no extension on timing will be given for the next slot. 15 minutes between slots are meant for the cleanliness of the pool for the next slot.


Maintenance: Pool will remain closed on Thursday. Every quarter there is heavy maintenance carried out the pool will be shut for 2-3 days and a notice will be put up on the website

Pricing Non-Members

Pricing Non-Members Time Slot 2 Hrs (Prior Booking and Registration required) 

Rs 1000/- per dog.  Rs 500/- every additional dog,  irrespective of size/breed. Rs 200 per person entering the pool. Dogs need to be from one family only. No group bookings allowed for non-members.


Pricing Members

Pricing for Swimming  - Time Slot 2 Hrs (Prior Booking required)

Small Dogs      Rs 100/-
Medium Dogs   Rs 150/-
Large Dogs      Rs 200/-
Rs 50 per person entering the pool.
Hostel forDogs Cats and Birds
This is a Private Park. Entry is restricted to Members only.  Memberships are granted to Pets who are eligible for membership based on the eligibility conditions specified to maintain harmony at the park.  Please call us before you would like to visit the facility. Boarding, Swimming, and Cremation facilities available for Non-members with prior booking and registration.