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Your Services to the Park are Suspended

Boarding Services to the Park have been temporarily suspended due to any of the following reason

  1. Your dog is sexually aggressive and despite repeated notices, there has been no initiation to neuter him. Alternatively, A Behavioural course or a certificate from a behaviorist will be necessary.

  2. Vaccinations have not been administered on time.

  3. There is an outstanding amount that is due and despite repeated reminders, we have not received the same.

  4. Your dog needs basic training and socializing and has been misbehaving at the Park.

  5. Your interaction with our staff has been impolite and unbecoming.

  6. The terms and conditions mentioned on the website for the specific service are not being followed.

  7. Bad Mouthing services provided by Pune Pet Park to other service providers for sympathy or negotiation on rates.

  8. Bad and False reviews given by the client.

  9. Having lengthy discussions in the Update group provided specifically for updates. 

  10. Pune Pet Park reserves the right to cancel or suspend the services to members or non-members without giving them any notice.

  11. To Reinstate your membership you will need to apply for a fresh membership with a written apology for the reasons provided. For Reinstated membership, we do not guarantee the same price for services in force for regular members.

  12. Suspension may be temporary but may lead to permanent if corrective action is not taken by the Pet owner.

To have your services resumed Please call us on 7263900195 or 7499556822 and we can clarify if it is possible to resume the services

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