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Pune Pet Park conducts Neutering of Cats and Dogs.  Surgeries initially will be planned as and when required, On receipt of your consent please allow 48 hours for us to fix an appointment with the Surgeon.


The Surgery will be conducted on the premises of Pune Pet Park on a makeshift premise till such time the Medical Emergency Clinic is up and running while rendering your consent for the same please make time to read the indemnity document that you will be required to sign electronically.

To ANswer all questions related to Birth Control/Neutering/Spaying refer to our Support section for the same


To know more about surgery its after-effects and benefits you may call us on 7263900195 or 8484043012


The cost of the surgery would be Rs 7500/- for Male and Rs 8500/- for Females.

Non Members will have to pay an additional 1500/- as Admin and Operation Fees




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