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About Us

Founded by Derek Demitrius an Ex-Indian Air Force Soldier and currently, a Merchandiser in Garments, Gifts, and Home Accessories is an ardent Pet Lover and has grown up with pets ever since his childhood.  However, just like any other normal person he failed to realize the connection he has with pets especially aggressive dogs, as time-lapsed the more he worked with dogs he could connect to them and hence could easily handle most aggressive dogs, and has helped quite a few pet parents across the city of Pune over a period of three decades.


Over this period of time, he realized the lack of facilities, we as a community had for domesticated Pets in our country and this city. The need for a second home in case of an emergency was very much high in demand but there is no Industry to cater to this kind of activity with proper legislation, as a result, there have been quite a number of complaints from pet owners who at times are partly to blame by not giving the caretaker or hostel facility enough of information to deal with various situations.


Pune Pet Park has made it possible for pet owners to travel or attend a special function or sometimes even renovate their homes where their pets would be looked after just like they would be at home at very short notice and has never been short on space for emergencies.

Thus the idea of creating a Park in which not only the pet owners could visit and play with their pets, but the Park would also be their second home when their owner has to move out for urgent business.  This option of having a second home reduces a lot of separation anxiety for the pet.  It is imperative that when you leave your pet with someone, they need to give him 100% attention to all his/her needs and not just feed him/her twice a day and clean up the mess he makes.  He needs to play socialize with people and other pets so when he goes back home, he/she would be more than grateful for the wonderful vacation his owner sent him on.

Creating a Park of this nature requires a number of issues that need to be resolved and looked into, Here are a few:

  1. Understanding the nature and habits of each species that will be staying at the Park and creating a clean and hygienic environment for all of them with special attention to comfort and luxury.

  2. Making sure the infrastructure is good enough and comfortable enough for him/her.

  3. Ensuring emergency medical attention is available at short notice and relevant medicines injections in stock.

  4. Ensuring enough Food stock is available at all given times, with a proper Supply Chain of Food and Medicines not only for the pets but also for the workers staying at the Park.

  5. Ensuring maximum security of the premises so that no pet runs away.

  6. Training and Handling staff at various levels.

  7. Most Important getting the right people to invest in the project.

His background experience both as a soldier in the Indian Air Force as well as being an "Entrepreneur owner" of his own company in the United Kingdom proved to be a great advantage.  Thus creating and managing an organization like "Pune Pet Park" would not be a difficult challenge.

The Park as of 01 Jan 2021 is 70% complete we still have to commission areas like the Agility Training, Dog Grooming, Dog Spa, Cattery, and the clinic which has been delayed owing to the pandemic.

The Cremation facility has been commissioned with a temporary pyre where we burn the remains with wood.  This has been very helpful to Pet owners in the city and envisages to come up with a green solution shortly.

We are open to ideas and look forward to working with Pharmaceutical and Food Processing companies in the Vet Industry.


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