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Pet Photography (For Pets Only)


Capturing your little furry baby on camera is an excellent idea and one of the best portraits to adorn your wall.  Keeping this in mind we have designed a few packages to be carried out by professional photographers within our premises or even at your home or on a trip with your buddy.  If you are keen to create a portfolio for your handsome pooch then you are on the right page.

Session at Pune Pet Park or Clients Home      -  Rs 5000 (Non-Members - 10000)

Includes 30-45 minutes of the photo session, and 12 Digital Images to keep, All Photos will be touched up and color-corrected.


Session at Pune Pet Park and Client Home    -  Rs 8000 (Non-Members 15000)

Includes 30-45 minutes of the Photo session at each location, 30 Digital Images to keep, All Photos will be touched up and color-corrected.


Long outing Session on a pre-appointment fixed date - Rs 15000 (Non-Members 25 000)

Includes Planned All-day-long outing around Pune city, Best selected digital images to keep, and a Photobook. All final photos are touched up and color-corrected.

Photo-Shoot of the Premises (Non-Members)

Pune Pet Park has been built with a bit of grandeur besides a swimming pool and lush greens the structures are rare and have been designed keeping nature and pets in mind.  You can book and use the premises for a promising photoshoot.  The cost for a Photoshoot for the initial 1 hour is Rs 10,000 and Rs 5000 for every half hour thereafter.

You may also click Pictures of the pets on the premises but there will be an additional fee of Rs 5000 for the same.

To Book a Photoshoot Click Here

Additional charges:

• Archival Photobook (20 Images)
  Cost 4000/- 

• Archival Prints (Size 6-8 inches)
  Cost 100/- per print

Special Photography Session on 03 and 04 Mar 2024 (Exclusive for Members and Registered Non-Members only)

1.  Please carry your water and treats for the pets

2.  Each Canine/Feline will be provided with 5 Photographs (Non Edited).  This will be sent through WhatsApp on the 5th of March 2024.

3.  Please ensure that you are overseeing your pet at all times.  If you need assistance please inform us in advance and we will be happy to provide the same.

4.  For Canines that want to swim please bring your towels/dryers.  No Dryer or drying will be provided on these two days.

5.  You may request any poses and we will be happy to make sure that this is taken care of.  If more than 5 photographs are required there will be an additional charge of Rs 200 per photograph.

6.  Please do not litter the park, use the dustbins provided at specific locations.

7.  Prices for the Photo Shoot are as follows

     Registered Members: Rs 1000 per Canine (Each Canine will get 5 Photographs)

     Registered Non-Members: Rs 2000 per Canine (Each Canine will get 5 Photographs)

8.  Pune Pet Park will use these photographs on our website and have the express right to distribute the same to any third party for advertising the accessories worn by the Canine during the photo Shoot.

9.  All proceeds of the photo shoot are being used for the animals rescued and taken care of by the park.


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