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Case Studies

  1. All students need to have a letter from the Head of their Institution requesting for a case study for a specific date. Once the Date and time is Confirmed and email will be sent to you confirming the time and date requested.

  2.  Rs 5000/- (Rupees Five Thousand) will need to be paid on filling this form. This amount will not be accepted in cash

  3. Photography of the Premises will be allowed for the Case Study, however, a copy of all the photographs taken will need to be handed over prior to leaving the Park, please carry an appropriate pen drive for the same.

  4. The concept of doing a case study is to understand the business and the important factors of running a Park not to copy the same for monetary gains or academic appreciations as part of their own work. This would be deemed as stealing of intellectual property. Any attempt to replicate the Park and its concept using a case study as a means to enter the park will be dealt with according to the laws governing the protection of intellectual property.

  5. The candidate will use his own mode of Conveyance to and from the Institution to the Park and back again.

  6. No food or transport will be provided but can avail of the same at our Cafeteria on a prepayment basis.

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