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Pune Pet Park Aviary, the only Bird Hostel in Pune, with a Walk-In Cage


Fresh clean water and pollution-free environment give your birds the comfort of being at home.


Cages cleaned every day to ensure that no insects or other parasites enter the cage.

Parrot eating Carrot

Food - Specific to the breed and fresh fruits, dry seeds like sesame, sunflower and peanuts.

No human food will be provided during their stay 

Actual site Photograph

Carrier - Birds  need to be brought in a carrier and necessary seeds provided at the time of Boarding.

Green  parrots

A 20 cubic feet Aviary,  Properly ventilated and temperature monitored, kept warm at night and cool during the day.  Fresh Water and Seeds every day,  The picture above is not from the actual site but is meant to illustrate the action. 

Red and yellow parrot

A Large Pond with an embankment for the turtles to swim and roam around freely.  Turtle food at appropriate timings, constant checks on their activity and interaction with them.

Turtles playing

Clean Cages Fresh Food and nuts and freshwater and constant interaction and playtime for these adorable bunnies


Hamsters as pets need quite a bit of attention cleanliness as well as fresh food and water.

Hamster at play
Guinea Pigs

Looking after Guinea Pigs needs a lot of empathy to their well being they can be adorable and annoying in their own ways and habbits

Guinea Pigs at Play

Pricing Misc Pets and Birds

Click Here for Pricing on Misc Pets

Terms & Conditions for Birds and Misc Pets at Pune Pet Park

  1. Crown Membership is now applicable for Birds and other Misc Pets. Non-members will pay a One-time Registration fee of Rs 500.

  2. Every activity has a set of rules to be followed to keep the place hygienic and healthy. Please cooperate with us in this regard. Please do not litter in the Park, designated bins are available for poop and garbage, please use the same. For General Admin and Medical please follow the same guidelines as laid down for Canines until we make specific ones for the aviary The guidelines for the canines can be found here

  3. Any medical attention required for your pet while at the park will be borne by the owner.

  4. Limited Registrations will be allowed on a first-come and first-served basis.

  5. Registration is not transferable and is valid for one species only additional species can be registered for Rs 500/-. If a family has more than 5 species a flat fee of Rs 2500 will be charged as registration costs.

  6. All species have to be brought in their own cages. Depending on their stay the species will be placed in larger cages and their cages opened to allow them to move freely. Please ensure that the Birds have their own bowls for feeding and water.

  7. The registration fee is Non-Refundable.

  8. Pune Pet Park reserves the right to accept or cancel any registration.

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