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Volunteer at Pune Pet Park.

At Pune Pet Park, We envisage being the best multi-facility Pet Resort in the Country.  Our Volunteer programs cover various aspects of dealing with pets/Animals.  The following are some of the various activities that the Volunteer programs will cover.


1.   Dog Handling: Managing dogs at the swimming pool and the play area and ensuring a positive atmosphere without any animosity between dogs. (Requires professional training or prior experience)


2.   Grooming: Grooming dogs staying at the facility and ensuring they are kept clean. Requires professional training or prior experience)


3.   Marketing and PR: Talking to visitors, explaining the concept, fundraising promotions, setting up special events including even organisation.


4.   Agility Training: Setting up and responsible for Agility equipment on the field.


5.   Housekeeping:  Cleaning Dog Kennels, Bird Cages, Rabbit Hamster Cages, Pay and Bathe Area, Swimming Pool, Compound, Garden, Clinic Area. Grooming area.


6.  General Technical Maintenance: Assisting in Technical Maintenance at the Park. (Requires professional training or prior experience).


7.  Pet Cremation Assistance:  Assist in Pet Cremation and Undertaker activities.


8.  Painting and Decoration:  Assist in Painting and decoration at the Park..


9.  Nutrition and Pet Store: Assist in Nutrition and Pet Store at the Park.


10. Administration and Documentation:  Assist in the day to day Accounts and documentation.


During your volunteer program at Pune Pet Park, you will come across varied ways of converting your passion to a noble profession, where animals and pets are kept and treated with a great sense of sensitivity and dignity. Our volunteer program not only educates you as a dedicated volunteer and adds value to the skills you have but also helps in giving abandoned animals a home and kindness and a sense of belonging to this world in which we as humans dominate with our capability to voice out our needs and our disagreements, something which an animal cannot communicate without us being sensitive towards them.


We need people who will make Pune Pet Park a true part of their everyday lives. You will need to commit a minimum of two hours a day - and we expect you to integrate pets and their welfare into your daily life. You will need to think, talk, and do everything you can to help the pets. And if this is too much to ask of you… then you really need to rethink whether volunteering at Pune Pet Park is what you really want to do!


The Process,


1.  Apply to become a Volunteer, This will place you on our panel of available volunteers ready to volunteer for various programs.  There is a registration fee of Rs 100/- Payable one time.

2.  As and when a volunteering task arises we will contact you and explain the activities and schedule, only if they match your availability and consent you should commit or let it pass on to another volunteer. 


3.  For every volunteer program, there is a compensation that is announced which could be used to cover your travel and daily expenses.

4.  Foreign Nationals visiting India are welcome to take part in our Volunteer program provided they have legal status to stay in the country.

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