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Pet Relocation

Pet Relocation can be quite overwhelming at times. We at Pune Pet Park have tried our best to make it as simple as possible for pet owners to get their loved ones to the places they relocate.

Important points to remember before the relocation is requested the following points need to be completed

  • All Vaccinations are in Order

  • For Dogs, The Multi Vaccine (i.e. 7 in 1, etc,) ARV  (Anti Rabies Vaccine), and the Carona Vaccine are mandatory.

  • For Cats, The Feline Vaccine and the ARV are essential.

  • Other pets you will need to look into the destination country or city guidelines on importing Pets.

  • A Health Certificate or a Fit to Fly/travel certificate should be obtained from your local veterinary doctor.

  • Your pet needs to be dewormed and should be free from worm related illnesses

  • Your pet needs to be clean and free from any ticks or fleas.

  • Your pet needs to be trained to sit in a crate for the entire duration of the proposed flight + 2 hours

Domestic Relocation: Once all the above are in order you may go to the Booking Online Tab and Request for a relocation giving complete details as requested in the form. A quotation will be sent out and all payment dues need to be made in full and final before the relocation commences.  The exact date and time of the relocation will be intimated via WhatsApp and a live location will be sent as soon as the journey commences

International Relocation: For International Relocation, A quotation will be sent out for approval, There are several stages for the relocation to happen and payment will be requested stage-wise, Once all formalities are cleared and documentation is in order.  The mode of travel and final payment needs to be complete to finalize the date of travel.

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