Cat Hostel Services in Pune

Look no further for a comfortable and luxurious stay for your feline while you attend to important Business out of town or away on a holiday.  


Cats at Pune Pet Park are fed with balanced food like Royal Canin MeO, Whiskas etc..  Home cooked food is not served at our center.  Please do not place requests for special food as it is not possible, except for medical reasons wherein you will have to provide us with his food (Only kibbles) Cooked food cannot be served.  Wet canned food will need to be provided by you if your feline is addicted to the same.

Clumping Clay litter is used as Cat Litter which keeps your cat as well as the premises clean.

Your feline is an important companion of your life and we understand and empathize the anxiety both Cat parent and the Cats face when they have to be separated due to unavoidable circumstances.  A stay at the park gives your cat a place to play around with enough toys for them. Presently they are lodged in Cages which are sized as 6' long x 4 ft high and 4 feet wide.  They have enough space to unwind and move about once they get comfortable.

(To know more about Vaccinations for Cats check out this article on WebMD)

Charges to be paid in advance


Members        Rs 200 per day.

Non-Members Rs 500 per day. (Off Season)

                        Rs 650 per day (Peak Season)

                        Rs 70 per day (Super Peak Season)

** Peak Season 01 Apr to 31 May & 01 Oct to 15 Jan

** Super Peak Season 23 Dec to 05 Jan


Annual Membership fee Rs 6000 (Renewable every year.)



Cat Hostel

Important Notes before you Board your Kitten with us.





Ensure your feline has been vaccinated and dewormed. Please submit scan copies of the same. Mandatory Vaccines are Tricat and Anti Rabies


Every Feline entering the premises needs to be microchipped wth effect from 01 Jun 21.  You can have your own Vet do this for you or it will be done at the park on the first day of Boarding.



​Please give us a written instruction for supplements and medicines if any by attaching the same to the Boarding Application Form. Additional charges in certain cases may apply.


​In the event your feline has a recent accident or history of a fight please add notes and upload the same in the form provided.


​Delivery during the Boarding period

During the stay, if your pet is due for delivery please let us know so that adequate arrangements can be made for the pet to ensure the safe delivery of her kittens. An additional charge of Rs 250/- per kitten delivered would apply and an additional fee of Rs 100/- per day towards Boarding would apply.

​Emergency Vet

 In case of an emergency, we reserve the right to call for a Vet and attend to the medical needs of pets under our care, Vet and medical bills will need to be reimbursed as per actuals.


Felines are fed with Dry Food only, Please select the dry food you would like us to serve your feline during their stay with us. No Home-cooked food. Please do not place requests for soups, ice cream, boiled chicken.  


However wet pouches can be provided and will be billed actuals. If alternate food arrangements can be made additional charges may apply!

Hygiene and Collar

Please ensure your feline is handed over to us clean and groomed well. We reserve the right to refuse entry to felines not clean.


Bell on a Collar: All felines need to wear a collar with a bell.  Please ensure your feline has one before handing them over. If this is not on the feline this will be provided and billed to you.

Please ensure your feline is handed over to us clean and groomed well. We reserve the right to refuse entry to felines not clean.



Our Cattery is under construction as such we have limited accommodation for felines.


Felines will be kept in Cages and fed accordingly.


The main Cattery is scheduled to be ready by the end of June 2021. Indian felines have a tendency to run away and stray free.  As such they are presently kept in Cages the size of 6x4x4.


They have ample space to run about and play around.


Felines have a tendency to be aggressive in confinement and run away, In the event of such a mishap, we cannot be held responsible, although all necessary care and action will be taken to keep them safe.

Booking Cancellation and Extension

Plan your trip well our new day starts at 0.00 Hrs so even if you leave your feline at 9.00 pm you will be charged for the day, same way even if you pick up your feline at 7.00 am you will be charged for the day. It would be ideal to drop your feline early in the morning and pick him up late in the evening. Please book your feline one day in advance to enable us to plan for the next day accordingly, walk-in fees would apply to felines booked the same day.


Bookings received without the booking fee will be termed as unbooked, Please pay the booking fee along with the booking. For Calculation of Days please click here


In case of an extension of Boarding please ensure you SMS/WhatsApp/email us well in advance for the same.  SMS-WhatsApp  7263900195 An Invoice will be sent for an extension which should be paid for online.


Please read more on Booking, Cancellation, and Extensions by Clicking Here


Felines left at Pune Pet Park for more than a week without any intimation will be considered abandoned, the feline will be transferred to a shelter, the shelter would initiate legal action. All Dues and costs incurred due to this will be payable by the Pet Parent owner of the feline. 


For Felines using the Pick and Drop Facility Please Click Here


Please ensure you have booked a stay online for your pet and have paid all dues in advance.



   Membership Terms & Benefits - Felines.

  1. An annual membership fee(which is not classified as per the Breed of the Feline) is payable which goes towards the maintenance and upkeep of the Park.

  2. Felines have to be vaccinated prior to being a member or using the boarding facilities at the Park, Subsequently, the cost of the vaccinations is borne by the Park for members.

  3. This is a Members Only Park. Non Members cannot avail of any other facility other than Boarding, Swimming for Dogs, or Cremation. 

  4. Membership will be for one family only,  Guest entry fees will be Rs 500 per head.

  5. Every activity has a set of rules to be followed to keep the place hygienic and healthy. Please cooperate with us in this regard.  Please do not litter in the Park, designated bins are available for poop and garbage, please use the same.

  6. For Sick and Old Cats charges will apply depending on the nature of the cat and the attention required.

  7. Limited Memberships will be allotted on a first-come and first-served basis.

  8. Membership is not transferable and is valid for one cat only additional cats will be Rs 1000/-.  For a family having more than 4 Cats, a Flat membership fee of Rs 10000/- would apply.

  9. The membership fee is Non-Refundable.

  10. Pune Pet Park reserves the right to accept or cancel any membership.

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