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Branding and Advertising

Details of Space and Number of Boards available will be visible on Desktop PC Only

    Advertising Board          Size      Qty    Category     Preferred Products

   & Location                   in feet                                 


 1.  Main Facing Swimming     20x10          2              A1               General Pet Products/Sponsors

      Pool                           or     40x10          1

 2.  Dog Spa                             20x10          2              B1               Grooming Products

                                        or     40x10          1

 3.  Dog Hostel                         4x2              2              B1                Pet Food/ Pet Accessories

 4.  Aviary                                 6x2              1              C1                Pet Food/ Pet Accessories

 5.  Agility Training                    6x4              3              A1                Agility Eqpt/Pet Food/Pet Toys

 6.  Play Area                            6x4              5              A1                Pet Food/ Pet Accessories

 7.  Website External links No charge

 8.  Website Sponsorship  Home Page 

 9.  Website Sponsorship Category Page


All Boards will be advertised free of cost till 31 March 2021

Effective 01 Apr 2021 The following prices will apply

Category   A1  Rs 125 per sq ft per month; Minimum Contract - 3 Months

                 B1  Rs  80 per sq ft per month;  Minimum Contract - 3 Months  

                 C1  Rs  50 per sq ft per month;  Minimum Contract - 3 Months

                 Website Home Page Rs 25000t per month;  Minimum Contract - 3 Months

                 Website Category Page Rs 15000 per month; Minimum Contract - 3 Months

                 Website Blog Page Rs 1000 per blog; Minimum Contract - 12 Months

Type of Board - Back Lit with 3-6 inch depth

Terms and Conditions

1.  Every board will have a separate contract signed.

2.  The advertiser is responsible for the construction and fitting of the Board.

3.  Only LED Backlit lights are approved for the backlit board.

4.  All LED lights will need to be provided by the brand/advertiser if the lights are defective the same will be replaced and will be billed for separately.

5.  Contents of the advertisement need to be approved by Pune Pet Park prior to being printed.

6.  No political propaganda or Birthday wishes will be allowed.

7.  Advertisements need to be related to the Pet Industry.

8.  For Boards that require extensive lighting, a generator will be provided and costs of the same will need to be reimbursed depending on the usage.

9.  Companies offering a barter system a maximum of 65% will be allowed in the barter. Payments to be made upfront barter can extend to the period of contract.

10. Payments need to be made within a week after receipt of the Invoice.

11. A Non-refundable admin fee of Rupees Two Hundred and Fifty will need to be paid on Application.


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