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Pune Pet Park is a unique Pet Resort dedicated to providing services to pet owners who spend a lot of time traveling and sometimes do wish to spend quality time with their pets. The resort is a private property spread over an area of 34000 square feet and has been strategically built to cater to varied domesticated pets. Hostel facilities for Dogs, Cats, Birds, Rabbits, Hamsters, and Guinea Pigs are one of the prime services. Based on the fringe of Lohegaon and Wagholi of Pune, Maharashtra, India, it is easily accessible by road and has a picturesque location, away from the active city life, but not very far to drop off your pet. We can promise you when your pet stays with us they may not wanna come back.  Our facilities for dogs are Cage-free, please do take the time to read the Rules for Boarding Dogs at the Park. We have tried to give you as much information as possible, if you do have difficulty in understanding then you can press the "Support" tab above and ask relevant questions.



Besides Hostel Facilities we have a 2000 square feet Swimming Pool complete with a Filtration plant and a water softener for dogs, A Dog-Spa, Grooming Parlour, an Agility Training area, and a large play area for your furry to burst out all that pent-up energy. We also impart Basic Training for dogs while they stay with us if necessary. Aggressive or  Anxiety Issue dogs are not welcome to the park, however, we do have a separate course of "Behavioural Training" which your dog can undergo before he is left with us.

An emergency medical clinic for vaccines, birth control of dogs and cats, and first aid for any untoward incident is available.  A Mini Pet store helps members with their pet food and accessories.

Birds have a special place at the park with an area of approximately 1000 square feet dedicated to them with a pond and an Aviary.

Cats will be kept in an Air-Conditioned cattery complete with a playpen. The Cattery will be air-conditioned and will be surrounded by a Cage, as of now we have limited slots for cats.  The Cattery will be ready by the beginning of January 2022.

Rabbits Hamsters and Guinea Pigs will have a separate coup for their hostel facilities.

Turtles have a dedicated pond built for their needs open to the sun partially and also have enough of shade.

Last but not least in case you lose a pet we have facilities to give them a dignified departure by cremating their remains.


Owing to the demand for such facilities, Pune Pet Park is exclusively for members, however, non-members can avail of the Hostel, Swimming, and Cremation facilities.

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Hostel for Dogs Cats and Birds
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