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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for using services at Pune Pet Park

1. Please read carefully!

Pune Pet Park provides Pet Care, Pet Training, and various other facilities for the welfare of the pet and its owner. Each service provided has a separate tab. Each service will carry specific guidelines for the service which will be treated as the terms and conditions for that service.


Pune Pet Park reserves to add/change these guidelines on an ongoing basis.  Please ensure that these guidelines are checked regularly.


Pune Pet Park reserves the copyright of the guidelines mentioned herein any kind of plagiarism will be treated as an infringement on intellectual property and will be dealt with legally.

Pune Pet Park will not be liable and does not guarantee the safety of your pet in the event of a fight or mishap, we would however go beyond our moral line of duty to ensure the safety of the animal at all times.


Pune Pet Park reserves the right to refuse, cancel, or terminate the session with or without any refunds as the situation may deem fit.

For redressal of any grievances you may however contact the following personnel directly

Derek Demitrius


Mobile 8484043012

Dog n Cat Hostel

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